Step 1

Download App

- Download and install Breadwallet from the Breadwallet app from Apple App Store

- Open the app and click on new wallet

Step 2

Create Recovery Phrase

- Write down your recovery phrase and keep it somewhere safe. No company can ever recover this phrase for you.

Step 3

Save Recovery Phrase

- Write your Recovery Phrase and save it for recovery in future.

Step 4

Navigate to the Menu

- Click on the menu icon on the top left of the screen.

Step 5

Import Wallet

- Click on Import private key button.

Step 6

Scan Private Key

- Hold your phone over the “private” QR code on the paper wallet so that it can be scanned.

Step 7

Accept Import

- The pop up will show the current balance of the paper wallet. Tap on the amount displayed to accept the import and transfer the amount to your Breadwallet balance.

- Once imported, the funds can be spent after one confirmation (approximately 10 minutes).

Having trouble?

Please contact Breadwallet for help. Bitaccess is unable to offer support for third-party wallets.