Step 1

Download App

- Download and install Copay from Google Play Store

Step 2

Agree to Terms

- Open the app, read the terms and tap the “Agree” button once complete.

Step 3

Get Started

- Click on "Get Started" button on the home screen.

Step 4


- Click on the settings icon next to your wallet.

Step 5

Advanced Settings

- Tap on “Advanced” in the settings menu.

Step 6

Sweep Paper Wallet

- Click on "Sweep Paper Wallet" from the menu

Step 7

Scan Paper Wallet

- Click on the Scan QR code icon

Step 8

Scan Private Key

- Scan the private key QR code on the paper wallet.

Step 9

Scan Wallet Funds

- Tap on “Scan Wallet Funds” to import the paper wallet balance.

Step 10

Sweep Wallet

- The balance is displayed on screen in bits (a different unit than BTC). Tap “Sweep Wallet” to confirm the import.

Step 11

Payment Sent

- The balance from the paper wallet has been sent to your Copay mobile wallet. Funds can be spent after one confirmation (approximately 10 minutes).

Having trouble?

Please contact Copay for help. Bitaccess is unable to offer support for third-party wallets.